Padrones y Censos, Nuevo Leon, Tomo I

by Guillermo Garmendia Leal


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The latest work by the prolific genealogist from Monterrey. His books are best sellers by Borderlands Book Store attesting to the quality of the investigations and work. Contains an introduction, En Mexico en la Epoca Colonial, Padron del Curato de Monterrey en 1745 and El Padron de la Ciudad de San Juan Bautista de Cadereyta, 1827. A WORD OF CAUTION- The 1827 Padron of Cadereyta is a photocopy of the original an is not transcribed. However, it is one of the easier one in Spanish script and can de deciphered more easily than most. Some may find it daunting. Monterrey, 2002 1st Ed., SPTXT, 130 Pgs., PB.

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