PASAJEROS A INDIAS  Viajes Transatlanticos en el Siglo XVI

by Jose Luis Martinez


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This book is a narrative of the transatlantic voyages to America to Spanish colonies in the sixteenth century. It does not contain logs of passengers which can be found in other works. Nonetheless, it is  a  valuable work because it  describes very well the background of these voyages and their difficulties as soldiers, clergy, merchants, colonizers, officials, and adventurers came to explore and settle a New World. Chapters describe early voyages, permits and restrictions, taxes and passage fees, personal preparations, ships and accommodations, the voyages,, piracy, shipwrecks, illnesses, commercial ventures, the slave traffic, Indians, hurricanes and much more. The book is Spanish text.

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Paperback 323 pages
Publisher Fonde de Cultura Economica; (Mexico D.F.)
Published 1999
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