PETER FRANCISCO  The Portuguese Patriot

by William Arthur Moon


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Peter Francisco was a great Hispanic hero of the American Revolution but virtually unknown in general history books. He was abandoned on the shores of America as a young boy by a mysterious ship. He was taken in as an indentured servant by an uncle of Patrick Henry, Judge Anthony Winston. Inspired by Patrick Henry’s oratory at St, John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia, Peter was allowed a year later, still a teen, to join the Continental Army. He grew to a great size for his time and was very strong some historians saying he is theĀ  strongest man who has ever lived in America. Peter fought in virtually every major battle of the Revolution, killing many of the enemy, and was wounded six times, two very seriously. George Washington is said to have forged a six-foot sword for him and stated that without Peter we would have lost two battles and possibly our liberty. He never knew where he came from but later historian have traced him to the Island of Terceira in the Azores. He has been described as a one-man-army. The book is new but has small signs of shelf wear. The book is illustrated and is 8 &1/2 x 11 size.


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Hardcover 106 pages
Publisher Colonial Publishers; (Pfafftown)
Published 1980
Condition New


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