PORTE CRAYON’S MEXICO  David Hunter Strother's Diaries in the Early Porfirian Era, 1879-1885

by David Hunter Strother


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Porte Crayon was the pseudonym of David Hunter Strother (1816-1888) a consul general in Mexico City and publishers urged him to write about Mexico and his Mexico experiences.  He had a good reputation and they knew he was a capable writer from his previous publications. What resulted was a very vivid set of voluminous diary entries that describe this critical era in Mexican history under the autocratic rule of Porfirio Diaz. A great source for researchers of the period. Contains an introduction and 34 chapters along with an Appendix A, Biographical and Identifying sketches and an Appendix B, Other Writings, Dispatches, and Reports, Has an Index. Edited by John D. Stealey III

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Hardcover 1085 pages
Publisher The Kent State University Press; (Kent, Ohio)
Published 2006
Condition New


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