Protocolos de Cadereyta

by Guillermo Garmendia Leal


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The newest work by the prolific genealogical researcher from Monterrey. This second volume on Cadereyta is a complement to the information in the author’s first volume, Los Fundadores de Cadereyta (1635-1763), and attempts to cover the void of info which exists due to the destruction & loss of parish archives records which contain only baptisms since 1763, deaths since 1754 and marriages since 1710. The protocolos presented are in chronological order, start in 1710 and end in 1805, about 100 years, but they contain information on the founding families of Cadereyta. The protocolos in the municipal archives of Cadereyta are incomplete. The first 65 years, from its founding in 1635 until 1700 have been lost. Monterrey, 1998, 1st Ed. 80 Pgs, SPTXT, PB.

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