Rumors of a Coup

by Ernesto Uribe


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NOVEL. The latest work by our good friend, Ernest Uribe, author of Tlalcoyote, the engaging story of a young boy from Revilla on the Northen Mexico border who was kidnapped by the Comanches. See items #’s 845 & 846 in our “Spanish Colonial Period” category. Now the story shifts further south to a fictitious coca-producing Latin American republic that is in the hands of a ruthless dictator. Features all the contemporary drama of greed, revolt, and conflict between military dictators, politicos, drug lords, revolutionary guerillas and Americans working there caught in the turmoil and intrigue. There is also good humor and the romantic competition of two American men fighting for the love and attention of a beautiful Latino woman. Mr. Uribe spent his career as a US Foreign Service Officer in seven different Latin American Countries. The line between fact and fiction in his story is very fine. Indianapolis, IN 2010 Xlibris Corporation 1st On Demand Ed., 378 Pgs., 6 x 8&3/4, PB.

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