SONGS OF HOLY MARY OF ALFONSO X, THE WISE  A Translation of the Cantigas of Santa Maria

by Kathleen Kulp Hill, Translator.


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These work has been sadly neglected since the thirteenth century. King Alfonso X was knows as “The Wise.”This collection of 420 poems and songs was not written in Castilian but in Catalan- Portuguese, which was an important language in the Middle Ages, but little known today. This is the first English Translation and it unveilsĀ  a colorful panorama of medieval life reflecting a vast array of historical, cultural, linguistic, folklorist, and aesthetic interest and information, and contributes to the verse genre realating Miraculous events attributed to Mary. Still in original wraps.

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Hardcover 542 pages
Publisher Arizona center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies; (Tempe)
Published 2000
Condition New


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