Spain Vs. England in American History

by George Farias


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This is a synthesis of two presentations made to San Antonio College students in 2008 during Hispanic Heritage Month. Charles Gibson, an eminent Latin American Scholar, once noted that “Spain in America is a substantial subject…in space and time it is a more substantial subject than England in America.” Charles Lummis, another historian, said, ” If Spain had not existed 400 years ago, the United States would not exist today.” Without Spain’s substantial aid George Washington could not have won the American Revolution. This essay contrasts the Spanish and English influence in the Americas and proves through emerging documentation that many prominent Hispanics made lasting contributions to the birth and development of our modern democracy. This essay can be very helpful for students to better understand the true history of America. San Antonio, TX 2013 Borderlands Press 2nd Ed. 8&1/2 x 11, 23 Pgs, PB.

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