by Bishop David Arias


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This is an American history book written from the Spanish perspective. No nation has left more of a mark in the United States than Spain.Her flag has flown much longer over this territory than the Stars and Stripes. Three fourths of the country¬† was under Spanish rule for over 300 years after Columbus. Within 50 years of the discovery by Columbus, all the coastlines of North and South America had been explored and the continents were under extensive exploration. Includes a wealth of information regarding Hispanic cultivation of the fine arts, science, husbandry, medicine, and statesmanship, not to mention the vast work of the missioanaries. Spain’s vital role in the American Revolution helped win the war although the French normally get most of the credit for auxiliary aid. Contains 18 chapters and 11 appendices. Illustrated. 5&1/2 x 8 &1/2 size

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Paperback 392 pages
Publisher Loreto Publications; (Fitzwilliam, NH)
Published 2004
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