Su Vida y Su Espiritu, Webb County Family Histories, Vol I

by Webb County Historical Commission


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First published in 1982 this reprint by Borderlands Press, contains eight brief introductory chapters on the neighborhoods and history of Webb County and 94 chapters profiling family histories of prominent Laredo and area families. The surnames found in these capsules are Acevedo, Aguilar, Alexander, Gallego Alemani, Andrews, Benavides, Burris, Guerra Canamar, Cásares, Davila, Deutz, Espinoza, Esquivel, Farias, Flores, Garcia, Garza, Gonzalez, Guerra, Heredia, Idrogo, Johnson, Juarez, Krueger, Lafon, Leyendecker, Liendo, de Llano, Long, Lopez, Machorro-York, Martinez, Mendoza, Morales, Narro, Ochoa, Palacios, Pena, Peppi, Peralta, Perez, Quiroga (de Villa), Ramirez, Ramon, Ramos, Raymond, Resendez, Richer, Richter, Rodriguez, Salas, Salinas , Sames, San Miguel, Santos, Sarabia, Solis, Nye-Sorrell, Tarver, Thaison, Trevino, Urdiales, Uribe, Valle, Valls-Mendiola, Vargas, Vela, Vela,Vasquez, Welhausen & Matthews, Wise, Workman, & Zavala. Contains photos, Webb County map, and copy of the 1783 decree establishing free public education in Laredo. This was one of the first books offered by Borderlands Book Store in its first catalog in the Fall of 1991. Prices of the book on the world market are much higher. San Antonio, TX 2002 2nd Ed., 247 Pgs, PB. Now rare.

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