TEJANO LEGACY  Rancheros and Settlers in South Texas, 1734-1900

by Armando C. Alonzo


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This is the first book to delineate and assess the complexity of Mexican-Anglo interaction in South Texas.. It also shows how Tejanos continued to play a leading role in the commercialization of ranching after 1848 and how they maintained a sense of community. Tejano landholding acted as a stabilizing element and formed an important part of their history and identity. Through a careful study of land and tax records, brands and bills of sale of livestock, wills, population and agricultural censuses, and oral histories, Alonzo shows how Tejanos adapted to change and maintained control of their ranches through the 1880s, when Anglo encroachment and varying social and economic conditions eroded the bulk of the community’s land base. A landmark study. 6 x 9 size.

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Paperback 357 pages
Publisher University of New Mexico Press; (Albuquerque)
Published 1998
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