The Brackenridge Colored School, San Antonio, Texas 1899-1936

by Jerelyne Castleberry Williams


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George W. Brackenridge was a great benefactor to San Antonio but most persons do not realize that he was great advocate of universal education and ahead of his time also in the support of women’s rights. This is the story of a group of Colored people who came forward to petition for more schools for their children. Through self-determination strategies powered by agency and cultural capital, these literacy warriors stepped forward to stake their claim for equality in litercy. Brackenridge moves in and out of the events centered on board decisions for learning facilities. Signed by the author who retired in 1994 as an educator in the public school system after 36 years of service. Illustrated. Bloomington, IN, 2006 Authorhouse, 1st Ed., 6 x 9, 334 Pgs., PB.

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