The Colonel Ernest a. Montemayor Hispanic Genealogy and History Research Library

by Ernest A. Montemayor


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Col. Ernest A. Montemayor USAF-Ret., (1928-2009) was a pioneer in America in Hispanic genealogical research, having engaged himself in this specialty for over 60 years. He became interested in this field when virtually no one was aware of the history of the Hispanic pioneer families who colonized Mexico and areas now part of the southwestern United States. Col. Montemayor built what is perhaps the most extensive and comprehensive private library in Hispanic genealogy-in the United States and possibly the world-of the United States borderlands, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Latin America and the Philippines. It is estimated that the collection contains over 15, 000 volumes including books, journals,quarterlies, newsletters, compact discs, and other related materials. The collection is not catalogued and the value of the entire collection, including files, is estimated to be at least $ 2,000,000. It would be virtually impossible to duplicate this library for this amount of money, as many of the books are rare and out of print. Col. Montemayor traveled extensively in Spain, Mexico, and South America where he personally acquired some of the rare items. He estimated that he had over a billion items of information on Hispanic surnames. Rare books of this type are fast escalating in today’s market. The asking price has been reduced. San Antonio, Texas.

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