THE EVE OF SPAIN  Myths of Origins in the History of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Conflict

by Patricia E. Grieve


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King Rodrigo rapes ( or possible seduces) La Cava the daughter of his friend and counselor, Count Julian and in revenge the count travels to North Africa and conspires with its Berber rulers to send an invading army into Spain. So begins the Muslim conquest and the end of Visigothic rule. A few years later in Northern Spain Pelayo initiates a Christian resistance that takes 800 years to reatke Spain and expel the Muslims.  The author explains how foundational myths and popular legends articulate struggles for national identity. She explores how myths are developed around few historical facts, how they came to be written into history, and how they are exploited politically, as in the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492, followed by that of the Moriscos in 1609.


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Hardcover 312 pages
Publisher The John Hopkins University Press; (Baltimore)
Published 2009
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