THE LAST ARMADA  Queen Elizabeth, Juan de Aguila, and Hugh O'Neill and;the Story of the 100-Day Invasion.

by Des Ekin


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The great story that changed history about the last naval battle between England and Spain, evoking a number of colorful and dangerous personalities who fought in this climactic conclusion for the mastery of the sea. General Juan de Aguila is sprung form a prison cell to command the Spanish Armada. His adversary was Charles Blount, himself a person in trouble with the law over an affair and a¬† conspiracy. Irish insurgent Hugh O’Neil saw this as a final chance¬† to drive the English out of Ireland. For each man this was the throw of the dice. Tomorrow there will be heroes and failures. Has remainder mark. Illustrated. No index. 6 x 9 size.

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Hardcover 413 pages
Publisher Pegasus Books; (New York)
Published 2016
Condition New


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