THE LAST CRUSADE IN THE WEST  Castile and the Conquest of Granada

by Joseph F. O'Callaghan


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This is the last volume of a trilogy by the author. Most persons are not aware that the Conquest of Granada took ten years  when the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando and Isabel, finally broke Muslim power in Spain. Many other villages and towns surrounding Granada had to be defeated to get to the main bastion. The author’s two previous works in this series were Reconquest and Crusade in Medieval Spain and The Gibtralter Crusade: Castile and the Battle for the Strait. Contains royal genealogical tables and. map of Granada in 1480 by Ladero Quesada.  6 x 9 size.

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Hardcover 364 pages
Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press; (Philadelphia)
Published 2014
Condition New


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