THE ROMAN WARS IN SPAIN  The Military Confrontation with Guerrilla Warfare

by Daniel Varga


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It took the Romans almost exactly 200 years to conquer the Iberian Peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal). Utilizing the rugged terrain, theĀ  skillful and tenacious inhabitants resisted with superior mobility. Many Roman generals, failed leading the most superior army in the world at the time. The author analyses the strategies and tactics of both sides. Toward the end the Iberians were led by Viriathus, a great leader, who defeated every legion sent against him. He died and the Romans prevailed when they bribed one of his men to kill him. Humiliated in battle they betrayed this great early Iberian hero. 6x 9 Size. Illustrated.

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Hardcover 200 pages
Publisher Pen & Sword Books, Limited; (South Yorkshire, England)
Published 2015
Condition New


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