THE SPANISH MANNER  Drawings FRom Ribera to Goya

by Jonathan Brown, et al


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This elegantly, fully illustrated volume presents more than two centuries of exquisite drawings by Spanish artists, featuring works by Ribera, Murillo,  and Goya among others. These are taken from private and public collections in the New York area. The book reveals the character, range, and depth of the Spanish tradition of drawings from the early seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. Features 54 drawings including lesser known artists such as Pacheco, Carducho,, Herrera the Elder, Carreno de Miranda, and Maella. Other authors are Lisa A. Banner, Andrew Schultz and Reva Wolf., with contributions by Susan Grace Galassi, Pablo Perez de O’rs, and Joanna Sheers. In association with Scala Publishers. Size 9 x 11.

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Paperback 208 pages
Publisher The Frick Collection; (New York)
Published 2009
Condition New


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