U-boats at War

by Harald Busch


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Translated from the German by L.P.R. Wilson.The German estimates of Allied and nuetral ships destroyed by German U-boats was 1,027 in 1942 and 54 in 1945. Behind these figures lies one of the most fascinating and exciting stories to come out of Word War II. It began in the black nights in 1939 and 1940 when submarine wolf packs ripped the allied convoys-and one ship in three might get to England. It is a story by a German officer that will make you angry, but it tells how the enemy lived and fought and how the allies, by courage and scientific skill, broke the back of the wolf packs and smashed the German effort for victory at sea. VG. Owner’s name inside cover. New York.N.Y. 1955 First American Ed.,176Pgs., Mass Market Paperback

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