VANISHING FRONTIERS  The Forces Driving Mexico and the United Sates Together

by Andrew Selee


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Despite cries for a wall on the Mexican border and draconian immigration tactics, the U.S.Mexico border is more of a seam than a barrier weaving together two economies and culture. They are both intertwined by social, economic, business. cultural, and personal relationships. Mexico faces huge crime and corruption problems, but its remarkable transformation over the past two decades has made it a more educated, prosperous, and innovative nation than most people realize. The author offers portraits of business leaders, migrants, chefs , movie directors, police officers, and media and sport executives.  It looks at an emerging Mexico that is becoming an invaluable and  significant partner to the United States.

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Hardcover 323 pages
Publisher Public Affairs Hachette Book Group; (New York)
Published 2018
Condition New


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