WARRIORS OF THE RIO GRANDE  The History of Maverick County in World War II

by William J. Munter, et al


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The authors of this book discovered that many veterans  of World War II never talked about their experiences in the war when they were younger. The war had a lasting effect on them and their communities in Maverick County including the City of Eagle Pass. The authors found that the Postmaster, teacher , or bar owner, were actually POW camp survivors, medics , persons with battle injuries, or a war hero. This book was compiled to share these stories of a great generation that will soon be gone but the personal valor and sacrifices they made needed to be preserved and remembered for generations to come. William J. Munter, Judy Munter, and Jolene Garcia are to be commended for the difficlut but satisfying work of bringing these chronicles to life.

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Paperback 234 pages
Publisher Harrison House Publishing
Edition 1st edition; (2015)
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